We are actively involved in delivering consulting services across several IT fields. Our expertise in different IT subject areas come to fore as we engage on new or existing IT fields. Some of the architectural frameworks or methodologies we employ across our business model verticals are either developed by our Consultants or Adapted from industry standards.

Consulting Services

Businesses need applications to drive their processes and operations. These applications are either fully built or ready for integration into a client’s infrastructure or require a fresh build from ground-up. Our Business Applications offering empowers any business to have off-the-shelf applications readily integrated or custom built applications delivered in record time.

Business Applications

Network components provide the underlying layer for flow of data traffic between different operational locations. Either within a campus or over an extranet, business data exchanged over a network transmission layer is subjected to the capacity, security and performance of the network. Our strength in network designs allows us to implement formidable networks.

Network Infrastructure

Skilled resources mentored and experienced in implementing various solution offerings are provided for clients to deliver IT Solutions.

Professional Services

Hardware requirements are changing from the traditional physical servers to cloud based computer resources. Clients deploying hybrid or private clouds still require physical but powerful hardware infrastructure along with cloud automation tools. As the technology evolves, we continue to build optimum systems for data Centre infrastructure.

Hardware Platforms

Our IT offerings are modelled around a matrix of Products, Solutions and Services cutting across Business Applications, Hardware Platforms and Network Infrastructure.

Business Modeling

Who have the right skills?


Hagion International Limited has fully trained Daar Communications Plc
(Port Harcourt) staff on how to use and implement modern ICT tools
and techniques to do video and image Graphics Design, the following was achieved:
1.Increased productivity
2. Improved skills and knowledge of the job.
3. Built their confidence in their abilities.
4. Time spent in creation of their product and services was cut short.
5. Production costs and mistakes have reduced


Has been instrumental during this Covid 19 Pandemic to schools. Specifically they developed the entire platform used by www.runodayspring.sch.ng a digital class room platform were students can still receive normal lectures, ask questions, receive assignments and turn in their assignments yet maintaining the then stay at home laws. Working under very tight time constraint, Hagion International Limited successfully delivered the platform while it continually worked on developing more features required to enhance the user experience and platform administration.


has fully set up Premier and Partners IT infrastructural settings these include hardware, software, networking components, an operating system (OS), and data storage, a law soliciting firm. Also developed their website,The platform was fully developed as a robust webapplication to meet clear requirements defined by PPlegals and deployed online using a resilient architecture and our agile development methodology for custom applications, Hagion International Limited successfully delivered the platform while it continually worked on developing more features required to enhance the user experience and platform administration


Our Partners and Friends

We Have Served Well

Daar Communication plc


Premier & Partners

Naanovo Energy Nigeria Limited

Runodayspring School

Polaris Bank PLC

Technology Incubation Centre CIU

Gauranty Trust Bank PLC

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